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All you need to Know about Wetlook

If you are thinking of where to buy wetlook photos and videos, then you have come to the right place. Wetlook.biz offers the high quality photos and videos for prices from $3.00. On top of that, you also get exclusive access to wetlook content.

Wetlook photos and videos show people who enjoy the feel and excitement of wet clothes. Some people believe that wearing wet clothing in public is improper. But this is actually not the case. On the contrary, wetlook is a perfect representation of fashion beyond clothing. Wetlook girl photo 8 Beth 2/21Throughout fashion history, wetlook has always been in style and each reintroduction is more outrageous than the previous. Wetlook dates back from the 60’s where wetlook PVC coats were a major trend. In France, wet dresses were the ultimate display of attraction which led to many women risking their health just to achieve that wetlook appearance.

Wetlook.biz photos and videos, what to expect?

On Wetlook.biz you can buy photos and videos of people on Wetlook:

What makes wetlook.biz photos and videos unique?Wetlook.biz is a unique website that explores the feel and look of wet clothing. We take videos and photos of girls, guys, and couples either in water or wearing wetlook clothing. We show you how water has the power to change fabrics’ color, how clothes flow in water, and how clothes glisten when emerging from the water.

Why are wetlook photos and videos so popular? Wet look manages to find its way in award shows, runway shows,  pop music videos and etc. One reason why wetook is popular is that it enhances visual qualities. Many people enjoy how wet clothing looks on them. Light-colored clothing appears transparent when wet making it look more appealing. Some photos feature models in soaked chiffon dresses showing off their body structures under the clothes.

The future of Wetlook
Water-soaked appearance is now trend in Hollywood red carpets. It can be related to a just-stepping-out-of-water look. There are many companies that sell wetlook photos and videos online. Wetlook.biz focuses on soft wetlook photos that are suitable for any type of audience.