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Wetlook girl Eva!

Wetlook girl photo 1 Eva 2/21 -“What would you say to a three-day weekend?” Caren asked, and Eva could have rung
her beautiful neck for even suggesting such a thing.
“Why?” she asked, turning from the filing cabinet in her office to face him. She’d been
digging for something she hadn’t actually needed, which she did about five times a day
simply to have an excuse to go into Caren’s office. “Why he would think that” Eva surprised
“Ok, I am going to tell you something that you can’t tell anyone. Can you promise that?”
“Well, as your employee, I have make sure that you trust me. So I promise. What is was
about” Eva said with a worried face.
“I ….. Have … A particular interest in water ”
“Not water, I would say a particular interest in bathing”
“Lot of girls love bathing. I bath atleast two times, each for an hour”
“Well, it not about the time or number, it how I take it”
“Can you just explain!!” shrugged Eva.
“OK, here it goes, You know how everyone takes bath? Naked”
“Yes, that is the way”
“I just dont do that”
“You what?”
“I dont take bath naked”
“How much you keep it?”
“That means what you are wearing right now?”
“And shoes too. And if its friday night, then I take the purse as well”
“Never know you are that wired” Eva was surprised “I always thought you are a strong
process-oriented women who do everything by book. Why do you have an unusual
“Eva, do you ever take bath with your clothes on?”
“NO, nobody do that”

“Thats why you dont know. The way water flowing through your clothes, your whole
body shines, the clothes stick to your body as if it is hugging you, your shoes filled up
with water and your squishy feel in your leg – its already making me exited. May be you
should try it some day yourself”
“Now I am getting an idea why your boyfriend freaked out”
“He said I like it more then sex.”
“You do.”
“If it weren’t, you know, it wouldn’t be a problem. But I like somethibg and that’s a
problem. For him, not me.”
“Did you think you cant compromise with that?”
Caren glared at her. “You know. He wouldn’t care about that if I didn’t spend my weeks
and my weekends in the tub.”
“So why the three-day weekend? You trying to get rid of me?” Eva asked.
“Never,” she said vehemently, and she cherished that vehemence. “I am out tomorrow
for a recovery day of hiking and drinking. Then I will go to a party at a friend’s house
Saturday night. And if I’m not here, there’s no reason for you to be here.”
“Three-day weekend it is then.” Eva stood up and smoothed her long dress down. “And
thank you. I got invited to a party too this weekend,” she said, a lie. It wasn’t a party so
much as brunch with her sister. “Maybe it’s the same party as yours.”
“No offense, but I don’t think you go to the same parties that I go to. Although if you
want to come with us, you can. Beautiful women are always welcome at that house.” He
said it like a dare, like a challenge.
“Is it one of those parties?” Eva asked as Caren played with her necklace. They were as
comfortable with each other as people who worked in close quarters had to be.
“One of those parties, Not really. I am only going as it is a pool party and I have to make
sure I loose my balance and fall into the pool with everything on. It would be more funny
is someone pushed me. You know what I mean” She looked a little embarrassed. Caren
would been careful to keep her personal life separate, even with her.
“Are you sure”
“You work for me,” he said.

“I know. I know.” She raised her hands in surrender.

Caren took a step back. She stopped herself from taking a step forward. “Have a good
three-day weekend. I’ll see you on Monday.”
Eva smiled. “Monday.”
Then she took her file, walked out of his office, and sat at her desk., so instead she
opened their messenger app and typed, “Need car service for the party? Where?
Caren wrote back thirty seconds later. “Yes, please. Saturday, nine. 172 Seaside Drive.
Warn the driver I will be dressed weird.”
“How weird?” she typed back.
“I will definitely be back in wet clothes.”
“I’ll make a note the comment field.”
When five o’clock rolled around, she grabbed a cab. On her way there she told herself
that if the party wasn’t her scene, all she had to do was push her boss in the pool and
leave. She could do this. Get in, get out, don’t cause trouble. Don’t reveal herself and
whatever she did, no contact with Caren. None.
The cab close to her home and there is a creek on the way. It just 10 minutes walking
distance from her home to the creek. She asked the driver to drop her off around the
creek, and she paid her driver. It took her a couple seconds to work up the courage to
step out and walking towards the creek. She was thinking what Caren told her about
getting wet and as she had a 3-day weekend, should she try. She could try it in the
shower but when she thinks about doing it in open, it actually excites her more. Her
heart rate went up as if she is going for a performance.
She seats at the edge of the creek and thinking about her decision. Its kind of a scarry
feeling. Going in water in broad daylight, with her clothes on. May be she could reject
the idea and go back home. But she couldn’t forget what Caren told her. Is it something
worthwhile to let your boyfriend break up. I mean people give up alcohol, smoking and
what not to keep their relationship, But Caren column’t just avoid?
“Lets see, what should I do now?”

Eva get up and turned around. Then she feels like something turn her back and she
really stomped her feet in the water!
“Oh Look at that!”, She said, “It’s just wet!”
She slowly wading further into the lake. The bottom of her dress already got wet.
She quickly got up to her knees in the water. The dress and coat is getting inflated as
she moves into the water.
“Mmmmm. There is something here. I am feeling something and I liked it”, She
whispered with a smile,
It was now quickly up to the thigh. She pulled the bag tightly over it again Shoulder and
then lifted her dress. She looks at the shine on the clothes and let it loose again.
She threw her bag to the ground as she didn’t have any plan to get it wet. A lustful sigh
left her lips because of the coolness of the water.
She then spread her dress and coat on the water and pulled up a couple of water lilies.
Eva then waded even further, into the deeper water. Soon it was above the belly button
in the lake and her jacket turned very dark in half. The material was soaking up! It is
start floating behind her and it seems like a cape that following her.
Her sleeve was touching the surface of the water too.
She realized that she was breathing hard because of the cold water, but Eva admitted
consciously she dipped her breasts in the water of the lake.
In the end she was up to her shoulder in deep water. She pushed her coat inside the
water so it doesn’t float.
Eva played with her arms in the water! She also came out of the water every now and
then and present yourself dripping wet. But in the end she even dared the unbelievable!
She stomped into the lake and completely submerged her head in water!
Her make-up is over and her hair is wet too!
She reappeared with her head back.
“If that’s right!” Was her terse comment.

She dipped her head forward into the water, and flung it then her long hair on the back
of her neck. She made this circular movement several times.
The water droplets against the sun and it stood out this brief second even a rainbow
over her.
How graceful and beautiful, but also bizarre at the same time, she was in her autumnal
clothes swim in the water!
Even with the boots on!
She also reached a shallow area where the water depth is low and , which had only
some rocks.
Really soaking wet, she climbed out of the water and made herself stand on the rock
Everything just trickled down from her. But there was also a wonderful perspective.
She even jumped into the water several times, And even the arduous climb out of her
had something magical about it!
That went on for almost twenty minutes before she decided to swim back again.
But she didn’t want to get out of the water so quickly.
She discovered a cozy spot in the middle of the reeds. Although the water was already
shallow here put it in completely so that only the head of the lake and the reeds looked
She took off her boots once to empty them. Likewise, roughly the thick wool socks
makeshift wringing out.
After that it was easy continue. The wet smacking could be heard clearly in the boots.
The wet leather also creaked! The location in the park was perfect. She could lean
against brickwork, between hedges and pose flowers. Only where she had just sat did
she leave a neat stain. After that she start walking on rocks on the shore with her bare
feet. She try to remember ever word Caren told her. It is really something new and she
never had this feeling before. She took off the coat and rinse it fully. Then she walk on
the creek for some minutes and sat down on the sides to make her clothes a little dry.
After that she wear back her long coat again.
But it was late noon and she got hungry!

Eva went to a cafe close to her home. She was a little worried about the people look at
her wet clothes. Some people actually noticed it but decided to ignore anyway. She sit
outside now because somewhere in a restaurant in the interior, it would probably dribble
too wet. Here out on the street it wouldn’t bother them, although she will be seen by
almost everyone passing by has been. Even the waitress had to swallow. But the she
didn’t seem to care!
So she enjoyed her dinner and the warming sun. Once that afternoon she took off her
still heavy, very damp coat. Her clothes are feeling kind of funny and they are between
wet and dry.her dress was still very sticky and gave something away.
Right now, in the evening, the sun was no longer shining and the air was noticeably
cool! So now she wants to go home.
Eva had a standard size apartment. She is making very good money through her hard
work and this apartment is a sign of her career and her great taste.
Her bathroom is also big. It has a shower cubicle as well as a big tub. Eva went into the
She turned on the shower hose and enjoyed the warm shower.
She didn’t take off anything, even her purse. She was standing in the small shower
cubicle with boots, long coat and all other accessories. Everything got wet again, but
she enjoyed the warm-up! Eva makes sure she is completely wet again then she takes
her coat off, continues to shower for a while and put the coat back on again. Then she
washes her hair with shampoo. She washes her body with lot of liquid soap, over her
clothes as well. She took off one of her shoes, fill it with water from shower and pour it
over her head. Then she open her bag and start taking things from there.
The first thing that came out was her cell phone. But to her astonishment it did Survived
though its not waterproof!. But a completely softened package of paper tissues soon
followed. Followed by one Roll biscuits, which was probably better duck and swan food
now. Likewise her wallet, but with all cards and IDs in it! Your check card, or at least the
magnetic strip, should be defective!
Her entire make-up had also run out and colored the bag brightly. So also hers
Banknotes. Everything had seeped up to here.
However, Instead of bursting angry and in tears, she just stood there and giggled

She put the things back except the phone and take it under the shower and fill it up as
well. She took the things out to check how they are. Add some makeup from her ruined
makeup materials which got washed off immediately.
She opens the fossette in her bathtub to fill it up. She went in and watched the clothes
rising through her body. . it’s too smoothing. She hold her nose and goes under water
again and again. Then she took her coat off and put it over her like a blanket. She took
her phone and start browsing internet. She forget about the time as it was really
relaxing. Therefore, when she checked her time finally, it was already one hour in the
Eva is tired. She is done for today and came out of the bathroom. She wear her coat
again and start wiping her hair off with the towel. She make a coffee and start drinking
the coffee to warm herself up while watching TV. After that she took all the wet clothes
and put them in the washer.
She went to her bedroom and open her closet. Here is a special section where is keep
some of her party dresses. She looking at the dresses as she is trying to figure out what
she want to wear tomorrow.Because as she knows the address, she wants to go to that
party. She will follow her boss’s order and try to push her into the pool.but the twist it will
be her who will loose the balance and will fall into the pool.

It will definitely be a great experience for her.