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Wetlook Party

Wetlook girls photo 1 Group 27/21 - Wetlook.bizNicol cannot believe what she has done the day before. It was really weird and really good. She never had this feeling and never felt so wired. It was so exciting that she actually had a dream about it. It was about her swimming in a exotic location with the most beautiful white wedding gown ever. She felt like she was transported to that parallel universe where she was wading across the stream in nice warm sudsy water. This time the ankle straps of her shoe disappeared under the flowing stream. The cloth and vail became so heavy that she went underwater and was still able to breathe. It was so good. She feels like she needs to do it again.

Nicol sits up in bed feeling hot and sweaty, her heart beating as if she’d just run the hundred meters. She checked her alarm but just remembered that it was her day off. She feels so excited that she realises that there is no way she is going to get back to sleep.

“I need a cold shower”, she thinks, setting off for the bathroom. She turns on the water and sets it to warm, there being no way she was really going to take a “cold shower”, and steps into the refreshing stream with her pajamas on.She was wearing a black satin long sleeve button down pajama with a chest pocket in front. Buzzing with excitement she stepped straight into the still running water.

Her clothes were soaked immediately, an experience she found quite pleasant, but it was when the water started trickling into her pants that she got really excited. She placed her hands over her breasts and massaged them through the soaked material.

“This is so much better than a normal shower” she thought.

She turned her attention to her pants. The soaked material had become very clingy and stuck to her backside and her legs. She found that the water flowing down her back and through the clinging material was very sensuous and she felt that she could stay like this forever. As she savoured the feel of the water flowing through her clothes she thought back to the previous evening, and the pleasure she experienced as she went into the water.

As the warm water flows over her clothes Nicol recalls her dream and feels a fresh surge of excitement as she replays the images of herself under the stream, fully clothed in a wedding dress. Her thoughts then switch back to her current situation and she tries to imagine herself wearing the same outfit in the shower, but it wasn’t really working, she doesn’t have a boyfriend she could marry and doesn’t have a wedding dress either. It’s not like she could buy one right away as those dresses cost fortunes. However, she is sure that when she will buy one, that’s definitely going to end up in water.

“I need to try this for real”, she thinks.

Stepping out of the shower she quickly wipes off the excess water from the clothes with a towel and heads back to the bedroom. This in itself she finds quite exciting as she hasn’t done a very thorough job of drying herself, so as the pants slide up her legs they pick up some of the remaining moisture.

She went to the kitchen and made some coffee in the pots. She also made a scrambled egg and bread toast while the coffee was preparing. She is still in her wet clothes and has no intention of taking them off right now. It just feels too good.

She finished her breakfast slowly while watching TV. It’s been more than an hour since she is in her wet clothes. The clothes have a dump feeling and drying up. Its 10 AM. She lies on her couch. The clothes are not wet enough to wet the couch now. She start thinking about her experience today.

“What should I do now?” She was thinking.Wetlook girls photo 2 Group 27/21 -

She has the whole day and nothing is planned. She was thinking whether she would go back again in the shower in a way to spend the whole day in wet clothes. Maybe she can wait for the clothes to dry up. Then she makes her lunch and goes to take a shower in wet clothes.

When she was thinking, the phone rang. She picked up her mobile phone. It is Cameron, her boss.

“So, you didn’t tell me yet whether you will go or not”


“In that party, I need to tell my friend in advance that you are coming”

“Okk. I will go” said Nicol.

“That’s great. Remember, you need to lose your balance while we will walk beside the pool and push me in the pool”

“Ok boss, I will go as you please” said Nicol

“That’s great, get ready and see you in the party” Cameron sounded really happy while ending the call.

‘Sorry boss’ Nicol thinking,’I have my own plan today in the party’

She went to the bathroom and stood in the hot shower again. Get her dump clothes wet immediately again. Then she put some shampoo on and started rinsing her hair. She takes some to wash her hair. Then she stood in the shower doing nothing for a long time. Just to feel the movement and feeling of her clothes while rubbing her breast and legs. She comes out of the shower, rinses water from her body with the towel and goes to her bedroom. She opens the closet and starts thinking about what she should wear to the party.

She took out a long V Neck Spaghetti Straps Lace Evening Dress. This is a dress she bought last year and wore only once before. She know she would look awesome in this dress. She was also thinking of wearing something over it. Actually when she was thinking about getting wet in clothes after the breakfast, some ideas came to her mind. Normally if some girl wants to get wet in public, she wear something to cover her breast and genitalia. It is to keep her from the mail gauge. Wearing clothes in the water also does the job. However, how about wearing something in water which have no function of covering any part of the body. Getting wet will be a big overkill and she wants to see if she feels something. That’s why she needs something extra and matching. Then she remembers that she have a black lace shawl. This might do the work! So she took out the shawl as well. She wear the shawl around her shoulder and look at herself in the mirror. She found herself looking really elegant. She wears some jewelry and puts on some makeup. This time she make sure that her makeup is waterproof. She bought it a couple of months ago on a whim and hasn’t used it since. She dried and make up her hair. She took her matching black bag and silver color heels. She open the door to go out but stopped. She came back to the closet and took a brown long coat out. It’s not cold outside but something tells her that she might need the coat at the party. Now she went out for the party.

When two o’clock rolled around, she grabbed a cab. On her way there she told herself that if the party wasn’t her scene, all she had to do was fall into the pool and leave. She could do this. Get in, get out, don’t cause trouble other than falling in the pool!

The cab dropped her off, and she paid her driver. It took her a couple seconds to work up the courage to step out and climb the stairs of the black-and-white three-story townhouse. Through the door she could hear the sounds of music and laughter and the usual party revelry going on inside. Before she knocked she tried the knob and found the door unlocked. As quickly and quietly as she could, Nicol stepped inside.

‘Oh no’

Everywhere she looked she saw people cheering. dancing in doorways, draped over each other in the room to the left, some sort of sitting room, she saw a woman kneeling on her hands and knees on a man in a dark three-piece suit and kissing. They weren’t alone in the room, not at all.People are drinking all over and there is a drinking contest happening on one side. Two gentlemen are taking shots one after another. People stood around watching, cheering. Someone even held a board in his hand counting the numbers. Cash was scattered on the table around the contestants, someone in the crowd said they were neck in neck. 

People are around the main area of the house. There are a number of rooms on each side. Nicol starts checking the rooms. Most of the places are filled with different people and she dont know any of them. Then she looked at a door that went outside. She went out and couldn’t believe what she said. There is a beautiful pool outside in the open area.

Nicol started, mesmerized by the scene. It was a pool—beautiful, erotic, playful live pool—and she couldn’t look away. Her nipples tightened under her dress and her body swelled at the sight of the clear blue water . Nicol flushed and felt herself getting wet, and her clothes clenched at nothing, wanting to stick to her inside.

“Looks like you are in time” came an accented voice from behind her. It’s Cameron.

Looks like Nicol’s boss was serious about making this day memorable. At least her outfit is saying just that.

Cameron wears a short-sleeve, knee length solid red dress. The dress has shoulder straps, concealed zip closure, an attached lining, and flared hem. There is a black belt at the belly of the dress. She wears balck heels and pantihose.

Cameron came to Nicol and asked her to come with her. She took her to the luxurious garden swing just beside the pool. There is a woman sitting and drinking on her own. The woman wears a short black dress and white shoes. She looks like someone who knows authority.

Cameron took Nicol to her and told her – “Hello, Meet Nicol, my assistant. And Nicol, this is Gabbie, the host of these party”

“Hello, Nicol. Its nice to meet you”

“Hello Gabbie, it’s my pleasure”

“You look stunning, are you planning to meet someone today”

“Maybe, you never know,” said Nicol with a smile. “ I will definitely meet you for sure” Nicol thought while looking at the pool

“Why are you standing, just seat here” said Gabbie

Nicol and Cameron sit on the swing. The weather is really good today. It feels good.

Cameron and Gabbie are business related friends. So they start talking about their business while sitting there. Nicol joined them as well.

Talking for a while Gabbie had to leave the swing as she went on to attend other guests.

“Its time” Cameron whispered to Nicol.

Just listening to this, Nicol immediately became excited. Nicol was off her feet. Entirely, completely and totally off her feet, being carried over to the thought of going into the pool.

“Oh my God,” she said. She gripped the swing cushion hard and tried to get her bearings.

She was scared, her heart pounding, her blood pumping so hard in her ears it sounded like the roar of an ocean.

“Are you ready”


“Good answer,” she said.

“Remember, you and I will be walking by the pool and you lose balance. Then you push me and I fall in the pool. After that I came out of the pool and was angry with you. So you have to pretend that you are so ashamed of your behaviour and say sorry to me. Then I will act like its ok.”

“I understand”

Nicol and Cameron start walking by the pool. Cameron already told her that the incident will happen when they reach the corner of the pool. Wetlook girls photo 3 Group 27/21 -

Everything was going fine. However, just before reaching to the corner, Nicol stopped. Cameron didn’t notice and moved along. As soon as she passed Nicol, she pretended there was a problem in her shoe, lost balance and immediately fell into the pool.

The sound attracted everyone, and they ran to the pool.

Cameron cannot believe what happened. Her plan seems to be washed away just like this.

“No, No, it’s not happening”

Nicol’s face floated out of the water. Happy. At that moment, an idea came into Camerons mind.

“She is drowning” she shouted and immediately jumped into the pool.

She swims quickly to Nicol and starts pulling her from behind.

“What are you doing, I know how to swim”

“I don’t care, I have to get wet you know”

Another falling in the water sound came along. It’s Gabbie. She swim to them and asked, “is everything ok”

“Yah, lets get her out of the water”

Both of them grab Lisa and take her out of the water.

“Are you ok Nicol”

“I am fine. Sorry, I just lost balance and fall into the pool”

They are out of the water. All of them are completely wet. Their clothes become shiny and stick to the body. Nicol found that her shawl sticking to her like a magnet and not falling off. Also the shawl is like hanging with her body in a wired fashion. She kind of likes it. She also found it exciting how the wet shawl is slipping on her hands while she is moving them.

After coming out of the water, someone brought some towels for them. When Nicol taking the towel, she felt like something is missing,

“My shoe, one of my shoe is missing”Wetlook girls photo 4 Group 27/21 -

Cameron and Gabbie just immediately looked at the pool. There is a silver shoe floating on the water.

Cameron and Gabbie both jump into the water. The swim to the shoe. But Gabbie gets to it first and grabs it. She swims back to the corner and gives it to Nicol.

“Thank you”

Cameron was following Gabbie. She swam back to the same corner as well. Looking at them made Nicol a little jealous.

Gabbie came out of the pool, Cameron followed her.

Nicol wears the wet shoe and they start whipping off the water from their dresses.

Then they took Nicol back to the swing.

“I was so scared. I really didn’t want anything bad happen in this party” Gabbie said

“Me too. I dont wanna loose my assistant” Cameron said

“I am sorry to make you all worried”

Cameron and Gabbie smiled. Everything seems ok now.

Gabbie went out to get some hot coffee for them.

Nicol was not that happy. “Why did you guys pull me out of the water so easily? We could spend so much time in water”

“Well because, I don’t want people to think we are weirdo and get banned from all other pool parties. I want to do these things regularly but carefully. So that people don’t think something is wrong with me”


“By the way, I have a feeling that you did not lose balance and fall into the pool by accident”

“What do you mean?”

“I think you wanted to get wet in the pool. It’s because of what I told you yesterday”

breathed quick, shallow breaths to calm herself. It didn’t work. Cameron starts to notice something. Looks like she can’t hide it any more

“Ok. I want to try that. The sensation you talked about yesterday”

“Ok. looks like the story came out as I expected. So how was it”

“It was great. Something I want to do again and again”

“Wow, so looks like I was able to convert someone”

“Well, I hate to say this, but you are successful. I am a weirdo too now”

“Wait, did you though me, your boss, a weirdo”

“Yes and I was right, isn’t it”

“I guess so”

“By the way, did you ever get wet in a shawl”

“Not yes, how was it”

“It was great, a completely different sensation”

“Really, let me check”

Cameron took the wet shawl from Nicol and wore it. She feels something completely new. A new sensation that she never felt before. She wrapped the shawl quite tightly on her body. It feels like the wetness is grabbing herself and tightening her up. It was something else.

“Mmmmm, it is really something else. I never thought of trying that. I Hope there are a lot of people who get into this habit. Think about all the great ideas that will come.”

“Yah true”Wetlook girls photo 5 Group 27/21 -

Gabbie came to them with two mugs of hot chocolate.

“Drink it, You will feel warm. It’s our families special recipe” She gave those mugs to them

“And Cameron, what are you doing with Nicol’s Shawl”

“Trying to see how I look in them. Do I look good”

“You are but the color is not matching. Maybe I should get a red one. Let me see that”

“I guess so” Cameron give the shawl to Gabbie

She wear it and asked them “How do I look”

“Not bad, but I think it would go well with longer dresses”

“I think so too” Cameron gives the Shawl back to Nicol and leaves the place.

Nicol and Cameron finish their Chocolate.

Nicol asked Cameron “What now”

“Well, we cannot move so much in this state. Let’s wait for our clothes to dry out”


After 10 minutes, Cameron stood up and told Nicol that she needed to check something. She took her towel as well.

She came back after 15 minutes. When Nicol looked at her, she noticed something different.

“Did you got wet again”

“Wow, nothing misses your eye isn’t it”

Nicol noticed her clothes when she left. They dried up a little and didn’t stick to the body much. But now the clothes completely stick to her. That means she got wet again.


“Ok. I guess I cannot hide it. On the right side of the pool, there is a shower room. You can take a shower. But make sure your hair is not wet and also wipe all the water with towel”

Nicol stood up and started walking. She took her bag and long coat as well.

There is definitely a shower room and it was nice and big. There are some soaps and shower gel as well.

Nicol tied up her hair on top of her head. Nicol opened the hot shower. Then she carefully went in so that water could only fall in the direction of her chest. The front of her dump dress got completely wet immediately. She pulls the skirt on both sides and starts splashing the water. It was fun.

This time there had been so much water still clinging to her legs that the dress was completely soaked and the material was now a lot shinier than usual. The wet stain clung tightly to her backside and applied pressure to her wet panties, which Nicol found really stimulating.

Out of the shower her wet clothes were cooling rapidly and Nicol was quite keen to get back into the warm water. Her shawl was already wet so she grabbed it and pulled it over her head. The thin black laces sat on her shoulders and the neckline of the dress plunged so that it just covered her nipples, which could just be made out through the wet material of her bra.

She closed the shower. The dress was mostly shining except for the strips and the bottom of the skirt, which hung so that it just about hid her ankles. With a lot of imagination you could just about imagine it was a rather risqué cocktail dress and Nicol got a brief thrill imagining herself dressed like this in a bar.

Nicol took the shawl off from her head and wore it again on her shoulder. She let the shower water strike the back of her while tightly holding the shawl.

She could already feel her wet underwear and was entranced by how the clingy wet material of her bra and panties contrasted with the airy floatiness of her dress.

As she inched forward the spray slowly crept up her leg, thoroughly soaking the tights, which became even shinier. Once the water reached the hem of her dress she swung her other leg forward which introduced the whole of her front to the shower. The previously loosely hanging shawl was immediately drenched and became plastered to her body. The once matt material was now very shiny and revealed every detail of what was underneath even without going opaque.

spun around to soak the rest of the slip then ran back to the bathroom mirror to admire herself. She is pleased looking at herself. Just as she had expected the wet shawl looked really sexy as it clung to her body leaving nothing to the imagination, but the weight of the water had caused it to sag. The red dress kept its shape and looked a lot sexier.

She was thinking whether to go out but then she thought for just two minutes more and stood in the shower again.

After some time she closed the shower and went back to the mirror. She tried to wipe away all the water from her dresses with the towel. She managed to keep the water away from the hair. However, it doesn’t seem like she could make her outfit look dryish and everyone might notice that she just took a bath now.

Then Nicol got an idea and wore her long coat over her dress. She had to take off the shawl and wear it like a scarf now but this is the most she could do now. Her clothes are not like Cameron’s one that can hide its wet presence easily.

She goes out and comes back to the swing. Cameron is still in there.

“Looks like you had a good time in there”

“Well, as much as 10 minutes could offer me I guess”

“You are there for more than an hour!!”

Nicol was really surprised, she didn’t know that the time went so fast. Wetlook girls photo 6 Group 27/21 -

“I didn’t notice”

“Guess so, it’s time to go now”

Nicol now notices that the number of people are reduced in the party. People are leaving.

“Hmm, ok. Lets just say goodbye to Gabbie”

They went and met with Gabbie who was saying goodbye to other guests.

“Hello, it was a great party. Thank you” Said Cameron

“Yes, I actually had fun, ” said Nicol. “Though I don’t have to talk to anyone and be able to stay wet all the time” thinking in her mind while saying that..

“Thank you, sorry for the incident, I should have make sure that the pool area will not be that sleepary”

“It was my mistake, sorry for that. However, this was the best party of the year for me”

“It’s nice to know. Hopefully I will be able to see you next one as well”

“I will definitely try to attend”

When coming out of the house, Nicol asked Cameron

“Did she got wet again”

“Seems to me”

“Is she a weirdo like us”

“I tried to ask her, but she shoved it off. May be she dont want people to know about her interest”

Nicol and Cameron get in the Car that Cameron booked before. Both of them wear long coats so that the seats of the car don’t get wet.

“So are you planning to go home now” Cameron asked Nicol

“Yes, Why? Do you have any other plan” Nicol asked.

“I am hungry. Wanna go for something to eat”

“ok, I am hungry too. I have no problem, where do you want to go? ”

“I know a good place just around my home. Lets go there”

Actually both of them are not that hungry at all. They just want to spend some time in wet clothes in public. Both of them are wearing long coats over their wet clothes and feeling wet inside. They want to have this feeling until the cloth gets slowly wet inside.

They went to the restaurant and ordered some nice food. Well both of them tried to order something which will take a good time to cook so that they can spend more time inside.

After ordering, Cameron went to the toilet. As there was no one in there, she took off her coat. Pour water from the besin over her cloth to bring the fresh wet feeling back. When she is satisfied, she wears her coat back.

After that Nicol went to the toilet and did the same. She actually used her shawl which can hold more water and smeared it over her dress. She then wore the shawl properly so that she could see how good she looked once. Again. She just can’t get over the fascination of looking at herself like this in this outfit. It’s like she is falling in love with herself more and more. She then wears the coat again and gets back to the table.

They finished their lunch by taking a lot of time. It is already night time and their clothes are almost dried inside.

After coming out of the restaurant, Cameron asked Nicol

“Wanna have a coffee in my home?”

“Why, itnt it too much”

“You can check my bathroom”

“ok, lets go”

Nicol understands what Cameron is actually asking her to do and she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Cameron has a big house. She showed Nicol her the big living room, huge bedroom and finally the master bathroom. The bathroom is really huge. It is a about 200 sq ft bathroom which contains a big bathtub, separate shower chamber and other normal staff. But the bathroom has a lot of open space where Cameron places a small couch, a small tv, some murals. Two garden tubs and it was neatly cleaned. The bathtub is about 2 meter long and a really expensive one. Interestingly, there is no toilet. Cameron told her that it is in the other room. Because this bathroom is for her to get wet, not get naked. She cannot stand a toilet in her special place.

“How much time do you spend in there”

“A lot, if this place wasn’t getting dump environment, I would place a bed in there and sleep”

“This place is so big, why don’t you just place a pool in there”

“I actually tried, didn’t get the permission from the building authority”

“I would have put those portable kiddie pool”

“Hmm, that is a good idea”Wetlook girls photo 7 Group 27/21 -

Nicol just opened the shower chember and opened the shower as well. It’s a multi directional shower where water comes at you from different directions. Nicol can’t resist the temptation of water and goes inside the water with everything she got, including her coat and bag.

“Hey, I didn’t give you permission to use it, I am your boss”

“Oops, sorry for that, I am coming out”

Looking at her sad face Cameron feel a little soft inside,

“Okk, just five minutes then, after that you are going home”

“thanks a lot”

“And why do you take your bag inside the shower”

“I think we should get wet with everything, Bag is also part of the outfit, just like the shoe, isn’t it”

“I hate to say this, but you are right”

Cameron went to her tub and started filling it up with water.

Nicol wants to spend more time inside this shower. So she found another idea.

“Hey boss, when did you get wet in clothes for the first time”

“it’s been two years”

“Can you tell me your first experience”

Cameron seems happy while remembering her experience of getting wet for the first time. She sits inside her tub with her bag and coat and starts to reminisce about that experience.

Nicol on the other hand, took off her coat, wore the shawl properly, kept the coat on hand with the bag and continued getting wet. To make the story longer, she was asking questions while Cameron was telling her the story. Nicol made sure that Cameron had to tell the story with extra detail.

It took like an hour for Cameron to finish her story. She was lying in her tub full of water all that time.

“So is that the full story” Nicol said

“yes, by the way, is five minutes not finished”

“Oops , sorry about that” Nicol came out of the shower. She is happy now.

She looked at herself in the big mirror again, This time with the completely wet bag and told herself.

“Hey girl, you are so sexy”

“What are you doing” asked Cameron

“Hey, look at me, do I look sexy”

“nope, I look more sexy now. Wish I could have sex with me.”

“I wish that too”

She goes to the basin and starts taking out the stuff from her bag. There was her phone, her cards, makeup, key ring and some money. All completely wet. However, those things got wet yesterday as well and Nicol already knows how to dry them.

She put all these items in the bag, filled the bag with water and put her wet long coat back on.

Cameron opened her bag in the tub too. There was her phone, her expensive makeup, cards, a small purse which contained money and bank cards, lip gloss, nail polish, sun glass, foundation, a small mirror and a chocolate bar. Nicol told her how to dry them later. She then put everything back like Nicol.

“Ok, I am leaving then”

“Take a towel. There are some outside”

“No need, I want to walk home like this, heavily dripping. I don’t think there are much people on the road this time of the night”

“Ok, have a good walk home”

“Yes good night”

Nicol came out of Camerons apartment. It was one of the best days of her life, that’s for sure.Wetlook girls photo 8 Group 27/21 -